Corporate Compliance

The Corporate Compliance Program at Covenant was implemented to create uniform policies and procedures to help all persons associated with the hospital comply with the complex rules, laws and regulations governing the healthcare industry, and to aid in identifying and correcting violations of any of these rules, laws and regulations.

The purpose of Covenant’s Compliance Program is to make sure we are following correct policies and procedures in all aspects of our work. This includes:

  • Complying with federal, state and insurance regulations. Every individual associated with Covenant is expected to be familiar with the basic legal requirements relevant to his or her role at the hospital. If an individual has any questions, they are expected to ask their supervisor or contact the Corporate Compliance Department.
  • Completing our work according to written policy. Every individual new to Covenant HealthCare receives a copy of the Corporate Compliance Code of Conduct and all associated individuals are expected to follow all written administrative policies and procedures.
  • Creating an environment where our personal behavior reflects what we promise to our customers, and using the highest moral and ethical standards in all interactions with others. Every individual is expected to uphold high ethical standards when acting on behalf of Covenant HealthCare.
  • Reporting Possible Violations. Every individual associated with Covenant has the duty to report any actual or perceived violation of any rule, law or regulation, or Covenant HealthCare policy or procedure.

All Covenant employees are expected to exemplify the integrity and ethics of this organization and make a commitment to ethical and legal standards for:

  • Billing Practices
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Patient Care
  • Use of Corporate Property
  • Vendor Relationships

Employee Training
The Corporate Compliance Department at Covenant HealthCare provides all employees with compliance training at New Employee Orientation. Throughout the year, there are both mandatory and optional compliance training programs. A monthly newsletter, the Compliance Communicator, reviews federal and state laws and regulations, Covenant policies and current events related to healthcare compliance.

Effective and Open Lines of Communication
The Corporate Compliance Department at Covenant provides lines of communication for all individuals to report suspected violations of law, rule, regulation or policy without fear of retaliation. Reporting can be done anonymously through the Compliance Hotline. If you suspect a violation, have questions or require additional information about the Corporate Compliance Department please call:

  • Toll-free Compliance Hotline at 844.570.SAFE (Code: 010585)
  • Online (Code: acL3Z6)
  • Andrea Merritt, Compliance Officer at 989.583.4665