Q: Why is plastic surgery often portrayed as purely cosmetic and “superficial.”

A: Some patients seek aesthetic treatments and/or plastic surgery on a quest for a better or more youthful appearance…and that is anything but superficial. Self-esteem and confidence ARE key factors for many people as they evaluate their quality of life and emotional health. Can cosmetic surgery be overused? Yes. But, if done safely in moderation with realistic expectations, it is an important and valuable piece of the plastic surgery spectrum of care.

Remember that plastic surgery also goes beyond the “surface.” It plays a significant role in correcting form and function. Just think of a one-year-old child born with a cleft palate. Or a middle-aged male with vision issues caused by drooping eyelids. In the case of cancer or injury, plastic surgery is key in reconstructing breasts and many other body parts so that life can proceed in a more normal way. Microsurgery, a sub-specialty of plastic surgery, helps save limbs from amputation and restores function to hands, feet and legs impacted by disease or congenital defects.

At Covenant, we offer this entire spectrum of plastic surgery care – from skincare and cosmetic procedures to the repair of complex hernias and intricate trauma-related microsurgeries.

Q: What if I don’t really know which procedure is right for me?

A: The cosmetic, reconstructive and aesthetic experts at Covenant will work with you to discuss your concerns, personal goals, and options – ranging from non-surgical to surgical. We can even begin with basic skincare. Ask us to see before and after photos of procedures that you think will address your issues.

Q: What if some of my concerns are embarrassing to talk about?

A: Our physicians and nurses have treated thousands of patients, many of whom have felt the same way you do. We treat you as if you are a member of the family. No questions are off-limits or too embarrassing to ask.

Not only do we welcome questions – about how procedures work, what to expect during and after, and how long it takes to heal -- we also talk very openly about pricing so there are no surprises for you.

Q: What’s the difference between Covenant and a medical spa for non-surgical treatments?

A: The Covenant aesthetic care component of our Plastic Surgery service line is so broad, treating everything from acne, hyperpigmentation, and scarring to fine lines, wrinkles, skin tightening, and fat burning. Our patients range in age from young teens to 80-year-olds.

And we are a true medical practice, not just a spa, with direct relationships with physicians for trust and continuity of care. Our breadth and depth of expertise is extraordinary. The “one-on-one” care truly makes people feel more at ease.

Q: Do I call the same number for surgical and non-surgical appointments?

A: Yes, call (989)583-6400 to schedule appointments with us. You do not need a physician referral to make an appointment unless it is required by your individual medical insurance carrier.